If you have the time and you want to save some money, why not re-use old recyclable items or buy some props in the Euro store and design your own little bits and pieces for your wedding day. It can be done quite easily if you gather some family members to help!! Why don’t I give you some inspiration to set you off on your way, it’ll save you the hassle of searching. There will be a number of DIY wedding blogs posted on the website, so stay tuned.

We all love photos, they create that soft jelly feeling inside. A photo brings you back in time and recreates that feeling you had in that moment in time. It’s a nice to have pictures of your guests that they created themselves.

Anyway, instead of paying a small fortune for a photo booth – why not make your own photo frame?

All you need is a large sheet of white cardboard, two long poles (old brush handles – paint them whatever colour you’d like) two giant pegs and some string.
Sounds simple doesn’t it? It is and it looks nice, especially if there is some green grass that you can stick it into.


Another great idea, is to assign an area in the wedding/dining room and hang a line across two pillars/trees. Buy/Borrow an instax camera so the guests can take their own polaroid pictures and hang the images up on the line with a little message on the back for the bride & groom. There are a variety of polaroid cameras available in electronic stores and the film can be bought with these cameras. Little bits can be added to this, maybe envelopes for the guests to take the pictures home. If the weather’s nice, bring the line outside with fairy lights (obviously weather dependant).



This is lovely, simple yet memorable idea. Instead of a photo booth, why not gather the finger prints of your guests. Each guest gets to place their finger in some coloured ink and print their finger print on a giant tree to mark their presence. Alternatively, they can place their finger prints in a book and sign their finger print and also doodle on their finger print. Why not bring a bit of colour to your special day? 


Finally, one more idea for the photo booth. Gather a number of large frames (beg, borrow or steal them) I’m sure your family members won’t mind if you borrowed a few frames in their house. This is the only prop you need, besides a camera. Genius right? Well your pretty, stunning, styling guests will transform the pictures.

It’s a fun way to allow your guests be creative and quirky and have some fun with it!! This can be done indoors or outdoors and it doesn’t need a colourful background because your guests are colourful enough :-)


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